Licensure is mandatory to practice some professions in many states. After earning a license, it is required to continue your professional growth by acquiring PDH Credits with a view to renew it. TrackMyPDH supports in managing your PDH credits required for license renewal.

It requires so much effort to keep track of the credits earned and to be aware of the credits required for a state and a profession. Then, to search for and accumulate all the certificates earned is tiring again. TrackMyPDH helps you to overcome all these complications.

TrackMyPDH has tie-ups with many providers of PDH Activities. Hence, it is capable of suggesting the right course from a reputed provider of PDH activities that best fits your needs. It also allows you to search for the right provider matching your requirement.

Requirements of PDH credits and PDH activities are different from one state to another, it differs by profession also. The best part of TrackMyPDH is, it understands your requirements in line with your state and profession.

App Benefits

Keeps track of your PDH credits

As the name implies, TrackMyPDH helps to keep track of your PDH credits. Once the details of PDH activities are submitted, TrackMyPDH calculates the PDH units earned from each activity and stores all the data. This way, the PDH credits are tracked and saved.

Helps to Upload and Download PDH Certificates as and when required

It is really way hard to keep all the PDH certificates safe in order to produce them at the time of license renewal. TrackMyPDH helps in storing the PDH activity certificates and allows to reprint them whenever required which reduces your burden the most.

Keeps your data very secured

If an application provides you with all the best features and fails to secure your data, it is not said to be reliable. TrackMyPDH is highly reliable that your data is not disclosed to anyone.

Alerts you on PDH requirement

With no proper planning, earning PDH units well before the license renewal is not that easy. Unless we are aware of the PDH units earned and required, it is going to be tough to manage the PDH credits. Thus, TrackMyPDH sends regular emails on how many PDH credits you have earned and require.

Generates PDH Reports

TrackMyPDH consolidates all your PDH activity specifics and charts them as Annual Report. There is another report called Custom Report which displays the data according to the customized begin and end dates.

Suggests you the right PDH course

Not everyone knows and undergoes the right activity to acquire PDH credits. Therefore, TrackMyPDH suggests the right provider and the right course that best fits your needs at the right time.

Social Network Sign-in

Social media sign-in facility is another great feature of TrackMyPDH. It facilitates you to sign-in with your social network accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Google and Microsoft. If you do not have any social media account, you can readily create an account with TrackMyPDH and sign-in easily.

Free Signup and Easy Access

Wondering how much this tool costs with all such amazing features? TrackMyPDH is absolutely free!! Also, this online tool is very simple to access and comfortable to work with.