APDH is one contact hour of presentation or instruction. For each presentation or instruction attended, certificates will be awarded with the PDH credits. It is the responsibility of the licensee to maintain all the records in order to support the claimed credits. Presently, over 50 states announced Continuing Education as mandatory for the licensed holders. According to the National Society for Professional Engineers, earning PDH by attending a qualified activity is the only acceptable way to renew or maintain an engineering license in the United States.

What is PDH

A Professional Development Hour (PDH) is defined as one contact hour of instruction, presentation, seminar or study. For a seminar, the maximum PDH credit is eight (8) hours. PDH credit cannot exceed the actual contact hours. A PDH is also called as PDU (Professional Development Unit).

Maximum of 10 minutes of break time is allowed if 50 minutes of presentation/participation/study per hour is completed. In case of not utilizing the break time of less than 10 minutes in an hour, additional time in the PDH credits will not be awarded. If a seminar is conducted for 8 hours, PDH credit for the seminar would not be more than 8 hours.

PDH credit is adjusted to the nearest half an hour. For example, a certified activity of 55 to 65 minutes would be reported as 1.0 PDH and an activity of 110 to 135 minutes would be reported as 2.0 PDH. An activity less than half an hour will not be accounted for credit.

What is CEU

The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is nationally recognized as an orderly measuring unit for continuing education and training. 10 contact hours of presentation or study gives one CEU. 10 PDHs will be considered as 1 CEU, if the organization of Continuing Education activities adheres to the terms of the International Association for continuing Education and Training (IACET) completely. Howbeit, the users should be cognizant of some providers of CEU credits without complying with the requirements of IACET.

What is PDU

Professional Development Unit (PDU) is a terminology used to track the career development and continuing education of professionals in the field of Project Management. They are used to quantify approved learning and professional service activities. Every one hour engagement in professional development activity yields one PDU.

What is LU

Another unit of measure called Learning Unit (LU) is used by the American Institute of Architects’ Continuing Education Systems (AIA/CES). For the first 60 minutes of a presentation/participation/study, it is recorded in an hour basis and the session past 60 minutes is recorded in quarter hour basis. This credit is regarded as AIA/CES Learning Unit hour (AIA/CES LU). To acquire LU credit for Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) program, the organization should give 75% attention towards HSW related topics. AIA/CES Learning Unit (HSW) and AIA/CES LU (HSW) are the two identifications of the programs that offer HSW credit.