Following are some examples which illustrates the qualified and non-qualified activities for PDH requirements

Qualified PDH Activities
  • Completing or attending courses, seminars, instruction, in-house programs, or training of engineering or surveying content related to the licensee’s field of practice.
  • Attending technical or professional society meetings when an engineering topic is presented as a major part of the program.
  • Teaching a course for the first time or teaching a course which was previously taught if considerable amount of time was spent in updating material.
  • Attending satellite down-link video courses where attendance is verified and program material meets the requirements.
  • Performing computer software instructional courses in order to improve one’s business or profession.
  • Completing language courses to improve one’s business or profession.
  • Completing management or ethics courses that relate to the improvement of one’s business or profession.
  • Completing correspondence courses on an engineering/surveying topic where lessons are prepared and returned for correction and/or grading and where testing at the end of the course is required.

Non-Qualified PDH Activities
  • Regular employment.
  • Real estate licensing courses.
  • Personal, estate, or financial planning.
  • Self-study.
  • Personal self-improvement.
  • Service club meetings or activities.
  • Equipment demonstrations or trade show displays.
  • Topics not relevant to engineering or surveying professions.
  • Enrolment without attendance at courses, seminars, etc.
  • Repetitive attendance or teaching of the same course.
  • Participating in committee meetings or general business meetings of any organization.
  • Conversational language courses for personal use.