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TrackMyPDH is one place with many solutions.

  • Have no idea how to gain PDH credits?
    TrackMyPDH is here to guide you to find the right course that best fits your needs.
  • Do not know how many PDH credits your state requires?
    TrackMyPDH will assist you in determining how many PDH credits you need for your state and your profession.
  • Going crazy trying to keep track of the PDH credits that you have earned?
    TrackMyPDH helps you to stay organized. It stores and keeps track of all your PDH activities.
  • On the verge of license expiry? Feeling helpless in consolidating all your PDH certificates?
    TrackMyPDH can help by allowing you to generate and reprint your PDH reports when you need them.

We have many recognized organizations or providers of PDH activities registered with us. TrackMyPDH can ease your search of finding the right provider that matches your requirements. The PDH requirement varies from state to state and profession to profession across the country, TrackMyPDH tells you the number of PDH required to renew your license in line with your profession and state.

To remember the number of PDH credits at the time of license renewal is like a hard nut to crack. So, TrackMyPDH sends emails with the details of PDH credits gained so far; PDH credits required to renew license; and providers of PDH activities in your area of profession beforehand. There are also professionals who practice in more than one state. In such cases, TrackMyPDH understands the requirements and the qualified PDH activities of each state and sends reminders suitably.

After earning PDH credits, store your PDH activity certificates on TrackMyPDH. You can upload the certificates to your TrackMyPDH account and save all the efforts you have put in.

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