Landscape architects are the people involved in landscape architecture. Landscape architecture is planning and designing public areas, landmarks and other outdoor areas. The landscape architects are mainly involved in the design of townships; parks; recreation centers; swimming pools and so on.

Architecture is a form of talent. The designs of landscape architects should be unique and has to stand out. Another important thing is, the designs of the landscape architects are closely related to the public safety. So, it is very critical for one to be familiar with the available trends, technologies in this field. That is the reason for mandating the license renewal. To renew a license, a landscape architect requires a specific count of PDH credits which varies from state to state. Hence, PDH requirement is very critical for one to renew the license in order to grow or even survive in the profession.

Track my PDH helps Landscape Architects in the following ways :

  • Suggests the recognized organizations that provide PDH activity programs relevant to your state(s) requirements.
  • Helps to keep track of the PDH credits acquired and required before it’s time to renew.
  • Supports in preserving all the certificates that are may be needed for the PDH credits acquired.
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