Project Managers are those who engage in planning, organizing, executing and controlling the complete project. They manage the entire process of a project, from the beginning till end. They take the responsibility of managing the team members and monitoring them in completing the project.

A Project Manager plays a very important role in an organization. To ensure the success of the projects and help organization in meeting or exceeding the client’s expectation, it is essential that the Project Manager is potent and capable. License renewal is made mandatory to confirm the efficiency and the professional growth of the Project Managers which in turn will increase the growth of the organization. To renew a license, a Project Manager is supposed to earn a specific number of PDH credits. Therefore, PDH requirement is very critical for one to renew the license in order to grow or even survive in the profession.

Track my PDH helps Project Managers in the following ways :

  • Suggests the recognized organizations that provide PDH activity programs relevant to your state(s) requirements.
  • Helps to keep track of the PDH credits acquired and required before it’s time to renew.
  • Supports in preserving all the certificates that are may be needed for the PDH credits acquired.
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